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Permit Parking


Parking maps for both the University and Medical Center are available online.

For the protection of University students, faculty, and staff, no parking is allowed at any time, anywhere on campus, without a valid Vanderbilt University registration permit, except by visitors in spaces designated for visitors. University parking lots are identified by alphabetical, zone-permit, or reserved-spaces designations. Vehicles may be parked only in areas that correspond to their affiliation with the university, subject to the exceptions delineated in the University Parking Regulations.

Faculty, staff, postdocs and graduate/professional students:

  • May park in any non-reserved parking space on campus (Excluding daily parking facilities) with their annual permit (i.e. no assigned parking zones).
  • If you are interested in the daily parking program which is available for a limited number of commuters, please visit the MoveVU website for more information.
  • In addition to the annual permit and the daily parking program, parkers may purchase a $5 per day hangtag.  The hangtag may be used in the following facilities: Wesley Place Garage (spaces 54-170), 25th Ave garage (spaces 281-372), lot 77 and lot 82.  *Please note, hangtags are no longer valid in the Terrace Place garage as it is now designated as a daily parking facility.*  Hangtags may be purchased in person at the Parking office; multiple permits may be purchased at at time.   Hangtags are non refundable and are not eligible for exchange after expiration.

Undergraduate Students:

  • We have modified the locations where undergraduate students are allowed to park for the 2020-2021 academic year to provide more flexibility.
  • Sophomores, juniors and seniors, whether residential or off campus, with F, G, J, VK and GT permits may park in any of the following parking facilities: Lot 12A, 25th Ave garage, lot 27, West garage, lot 72D, lot 72E, lot 75A, lot 77, lot 82, lot 102, lot 153, lot 298A and lot 298B.
  • Please refer to the parking map for updates as we monitor capacity at these parking facilities throughout the year.
  • Those interested in a reserved space will be able to register online for a space in Kensington garage or Kissam garage.
  • As a reminder, first year residential students are not allowed to bring a vehicle to campus.

A marginal annual parking rate increase for 2020-2021 will ensure that Vanderbilt's parking program remains self sufficient and operating costs are covered, including debt payments on garages, maintenance costs on all parking facilities and spaces, and the personnel to manage and enforce parking on campus.  Program enhancements under MoveVU, the university's mobility and transportation strategic plan, are also covered in part by the parking program.

Please see Categories of PermitsParking Regulations and Visitors, and  for more information.

Vanderbilt University assumes no responsibility for damage, theft, or loss of a motor vehicle, or to any personal property therein, while the vehicle is either parked on or operated on properties owned or controlled by the University.

Purchasing Permits

Virtual Parking permits are available to order ONLINE or from the front desk at VUPS Parking Services, 111 28th AV S, Nashville, TN 37212, during business hours: 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (Please note that holiday and break hours may vary and will be posted).

To register at 111 28th AV S, applicants must bring:

  1. Student/Staff/Faculty identification cards.
  2. Year, Make, Model, and color of your vehicle The state and license plate of the vehicle
  3. Address, Email address and Phone number

NOTE: In general, registrants may register only their own vehicles, and students may register their parents' vehicles. Exceptions may be requested in writing.


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