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Transportation Services

Bus tracking may not be available for all vehicles. If temporary buses are in operation, they will not be trackable. Temporary buses will have route names on the window dashboard


The Vanderbilt University Department of Public Safety administers the all-electric VandyRide shuttle bus service at Vanderbilt University.

The daily hours of operation for the VandyRide service are 6 p.m. to 1 a.m, while classes are in session during the fall and spring semesters.

For real-time information about the 2023–24 academic year VandyRide service, including routes and stops, please view the real-time VandyRide shuttle map, or download the Passio GO App.  Android Download or IOS Download.  

This map is also on the VandySafe app . Once logged into the app, click on Maps & VandyRide , then VandyRide . Additional information can be found on the VandyRide FAQs.

Routes and Stops
Black Route
Circles campus clockwise
Gold Route
Express route from the Peabody campus to main campus
Sarratt/Rand  Sarratt/Rand 
Zeppos College 25th Ave Garage
E. Bronson Ingram Highland Quad (24th Ave S & Pierce)
The Broadview at Vanderbilt Blair School
Law School/OGSM Village at Vanderbilt 
School of Nursing/Central Library Hank Ingram
Hank Ingram  
Village at Vanderbilt   
Blair School  
Student Rec Center at Natchez Trace  
Blakemore House  
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Comments on the effectiveness of the all-electric VandyRide service are welcomed through the VandyRide Comment Form . 

VandyRide Point to Point Service  

Students living within a half-mile from campus can get a free ride home with VandyRide’s Point to Point service.  

Point to Point allows students who live off campus and are registered with the Dean of Students Office to get a shuttle ride from a campus VandyRide stop or designated ridehail pickup location to their residence within a half-mile of the university. The service, available from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. daily, is one-way and designed to deliver students safely to their off-campus residences.   

The free shuttles will transport students only to their registered off-campus residences, and they will not pick up students and bring them to campus. Point to Point shuttles will not transport students who live on campus—all passengers must be confirmed as living at an off-campus address before boarding a shuttle.  

To use the Point to Point service, follow these steps:  

  • Students should contact VUPS Communications at 615-322-2745 to request a ride to their off-campus residence.  
  • VUPS will verify the student’s name, address and that it is within the Point to Point service area with the Office of the Dean of Students.  
  • Once confirmed, the student will be instructed to proceed to the nearest VandyRide stop or designated ridehail pickup location and wait for a shuttle.   
  • Once the shuttle arrives, students must identify themselves by name and address before boarding the shuttle.  

Please note that shuttles may transport more than one Point to Point passenger per trip. Students should expect an approximately 15-minute wait from when they request a shuttle to its arrival at a VandyRide stop or ridehail location. Point to Point service is subject to change based on demand and available resources, and the university is exploring more options to augment its VandyRide program.  

Additional Resources    

If the VandyRide service does not meet your needs, we have more resources to help you travel safely at night:  

  • A walking escort may be requested, at any time, by calling the VUPS Communications Center at 615-322-2745.  
  • Students can use safety features in the VandySafe app, including contacting VUPD by phone or in real-time chat, triggering a mobile Bluelight that shares your location instantly with VUPD, or initiating a “Virtual Walkhome” where VUPD can monitor your walk to your car or home.  
  • Students can take advantage of free bus rides on the WeGo Public Transit routes that run along West End (No. 3 and No. 5) and 21st Ave (No. 7) with their Commodore ID Cards.   
  • Students with medical or accessibility needs can contact the Student Access Office through the online portal or at 615-343-9727 to learn more about electric golf cart service provided in partnership with Parking Services.  

Be sure to check out the MoveVU website for other transportation, mobility and commuter options.