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Carpooling is a great way for commuters to share on gas costs, avoid wear and tear on personal vehicles, save money on parking and spend more time connecting with fellow Vanderbilt community members.

The MoveVU Commute Hub features a carpool matching tool. Join the carpool interest list if:

  • You are interested in carpooling to campus
  • You simply want to see if there are other Vanderbilt members in your area that share a similar work schedule and commute route as you who are also interested in carpooling

Campus zones will be used by Vanderbilt’s Transportation and Mobility office to improve carpool and vanpool matching functions in the MoveVU Commute Hub. The campus zone designations, which can be found on this map, help pinpoint commuters’ arriving location since some may have multiple building locations on Vanderbilt’s campus (ex. buildings for study, research, or work).

  • Student campus zones are currently defaulted to Vanderbilt University. Students who do not choose a campus zone will have a default Vanderbilt University location assigned. Note: Students must first register in the MoveVU Commute Hub to utilize carpool and vanpool matching services.
  • Campus zones for faculty, staff and postdocs are automatically assigned based on their work location in Oracle.