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Construction is underway throughout campus, to minimize disruption to vehicular and pedestrian traffic alternative routes have been marked. This construction map is auto-updated to provide the latest routes:

Campus Planning and Construction

Campus Planning & Construction (CPC) presents a physical environment that meets the programmatic requirements of its customer base while visually expressing the quality to which Vanderbilt University aspires.

Functions related to the delivery of new and renovated facilities are performed by the Campus Planning & Construction unit within CPC.

Documents, facility records and maps pertaining to the built environment and to Vanderbilt properties are handled by the Facilities Information Services section of CPC. This group addresses the inventory and management of Vanderbilt’s construction document library, GIS mapping and documentation of all utilities, and tracking of floor plans for the Space Inventory and Accounting processes.

A separate, but closely coordinated department, Space and Facilities Planning, operates within Vanderbilt’s Medical Center. Together these units manage the planning and implementation of all major capital modifications to facilities and grounds on the Vanderbilt campus.

Campus Planning & Construction
Baker Building 11th Floor, Vanderbilt University
Phone: (615) 322-2715, Fax: (615) 343-4830