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eBuilder Resources

eBuilder Training Videos

eBuilder Action Item Alerts

This video is the first overview of using e-Builder at Vanderbilt University. It covers aspects of the emailed Action Item Alerts (including why some Vandy users get error messages when using those links) and the introductory basics of moving around inside eBuilder for new users.

Taking Action in eBuilder Processes

In this video learn how to navigate the eBuilder Action Item form and take action on a step in a process.

eBuilder Document Editing and Version Management

This video shows how to edit a document that is in the Documents module of a project in eBuilder, save it as a new version, and work with multiple versions of a document.


Finding, Starting, and Responding to Needed Actions with eBuilder

In this video learn how to respond to Workflow in Your Court; the basic elements of a process step or action item form; 2 easy ways to start new processes and forms within a project, and how to find work you did recently.