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Campus Planning & Construction

Aerial photos of Vanderbilt Campus (Daniel Dubois / Vanderbilt University)

Management of Capital Projects

Program/project Development of Capital Projects:

  • Reviews, schedules and coordinates architect/engineer/construction manager selection and manages design-build process;
  • Coordinates all aspects of project between client user-group, administration, trustees, plant operations, and all other on and off campus units;
  • Translates program needs into cost estimates with design drawings and specifications;
    Assures compliance with federal, state and local codes and regulations;
  • Emphasizes cost control with sound building design; generates standards and general criteria for quality built environment.

Construction Management:

  • Manages all aspects of construction projects through bidding and construction manager processes with staff supervision over construction scheduling, project payments tracking and approval change orders;
  • Coordinates interface with academic, research, and all other institutional units to undertake modification of campus infrastructure;
  • Deliver space to user in final form in accordance with the program.

Design of Facilities and Grounds

Site Selection and Comprehensive Physical Development Plan:

  • develops and updates site options per program requirements or as administratively directed;
  • sets priorities and standards for development and future land-use;
  • generates comparative assessments for internal decisions on building assignment, prioritizing of infrastructure and deferred maintenance expenditures and property utilization.

Interface with Metro/Community on Planning Issues:

  • In conjunction with VU Office of Community Relations and VU Real Estate, advises on land acquisition, zoning matters, and coordinates as needed on matters involving interaction among campus/neighborhood/Metro interest groups;
  • Public relations matters and volunteer service to non-profits via VU.

Planning of Campus Landscape:

  • Enhances and sets parameters to preserve natural features of grounds and landscape environment;
  • Coordinates integrating of building programs, plus service/utility, parking/transportation, pedestrian/auto circulation, and all other manmade elements harmoniously into existing infrastructure; encourages preservation of courts and open spaces.

Renovations and Small Construction

Renovation and Small Construction (RSC) supports the University campus faculty, staff, and students in construction and renovation projects. They are responsible for planning, executing, and evaluating activities related to completing renovation projects. University standards and safety procedures are upheld in all aspects of the renovations. Once a request is made, RSC will design, bid, and manage the project in a safe, timely, and organized manner. They coordinate current and potential projects with all University stakeholders. RSC acts as a representative of the University to outside vendors/contractors to acquire adequate and competitive pricing. Design and planning attributes are completed internally, unless a licensed professional is required. They are also responsible for preparing quotes for University events that require the use of academic and administrative facilities, athletics facilities, and campus grounds. Examples of projects include: bathroom renovations, lab remodels, approved facility renewal projects, mechanical equipment upgrades, efficiency upgrades, and fire and life safety upgrades.