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FAQs for Brightspace Quizzes

While most users will have a trouble-free experience with the Brightspace Quizzes tool,  issues do sometimes arise, particularly when higher security measures are in place. This guide will review frequently asked questions regarding the Quizzes tool. We’ll begin with errors found in quizzes, then discuss potential errors when using our secure testing tool, Respondus Lockdown Browser. 

If you want to learn more about online testing, check out the CFT resources below:


Updated Spring 2022

FAQs for Standard Quizzes

My students have finished a quiz, but cannot see their results or quiz feedback. How can I ensure their feedback is visible?

If students are unable to view quiz results feedback, please verify that you’ve completed the following:

  • Set up a Submission View to enable students to view quiz questions and quiz answers (optional) by following our guide on submission views
  • Ensure your feedback has been published. To do so, complete the following steps:

1. Navigate to Quizzes and select the dropdown arrow next to the quiz name

2. Choose Grade

3. Select the checkbox in the top left to select all student names, then choose Publish Feedback

  • If one or a select few students are unable to view their feedback, follow steps 1 & 2 above, then Retract Feedback for all students and publish again


How can I allow students to upload files and images into a quiz question?

Students are able to upload a file in response to a quiz question, but only when a specific type of question is used. These are: Written response, Arithmetic, and Significant Figures questions. When using these types of questions, instructors can allow learners to upload an external file as/with their responses. Learners can also record audio and/or video responses when answering these question types.


After my students completed their quiz, I realized one of my quiz questions was incorrect. I need to correct this question and regrade student responses. How can I do this?

Please refer to our guide on editing quiz questions and regrading after student submissions have been received


Something went wrong while my student was taking their quiz. How can I give them an additional attempt?
  1. Navigate to quizzes and select the dropdown menu next to the quiz name
  2. Choose Edit
  3. Select the Restrictions tab
  4. Scroll to the bottom to find the Special Access section, then choose Add Users to Special Access
  5. Under Attempts, select the checkbox to Override attempts allowed, then modify the number of attempts as necessary
  6. Under Users, select the name of the student for whom you’d like to grant additional attempts
  7. Click Add Special Access


One of my students has accommodations and needs extra time. How can I extend their time limit?

Please refer to our guide on Special Access Permissions for Brightspace Quizzes for information on extending time limits for select students. 


FAQs for Quizzes with Respondus Lockdown Browser

My student lost access to a Respondus Lockdown Browser quiz in the middle of taking it. How can they regain access?

Students may sometimes lose access to the internet or have issues on their local computer which cause them to lose access to a Respondus Lockdown Browser quiz while taking it. If this happens, the student can attempt to rejoin the quiz during the quiz time. If the quiz has an enforced time limit, this limit cannot be extended after the student has begun the quiz, so students who lose access will lose some of their quiz time as a result.

If the student cannot rejoin the quiz, the instructor may need to grant the student extra quiz attempts. If you choose to do so, please note that students taking a new attempt will not have their previous answers retained. Alternatively, you can provide the student with the quiz questions they were unable to complete through an additional quiz or an assignment. This quiz or assignment will likely need to be set up with special access permissions so that only this student can utilize it. Please review our guide on special access for Brightspace quizzes for more information.