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Determining the Student’s View of the Quiz Results

This guide will help you determine what the student sees upon completion of a quiz. Quiz submissions have a Default View that allows them to see their score and nothing else. You can edit the default view to show more than that upon quiz completion. You can also add an Additional View that is available after the quiz has been graded and published.

  • Edit the Default View that is available at quiz completion
  • Create an Additional View that is available after publishing the grade


Updated Fall 2021

Edit the Default View (available at quiz completion)

In the default view, students can see their score (and nothing else) after completing a quiz that doesn’t require manual grading. If this is what you want, you don’t need to make any edits to the default view.

  1. While editing your quiz, go to the Submission View tab. Click on Edit Default View. Be sure to Save your changes.

Creating an Additional Submission View (available after publishing the grade)

  1. Go into the edit mode of your quiz and click on the Submission View tab. Here you will see the Default View for users (students).
  2. Click on Add Additional View to change the student view. Give the View a meaningful name and descriptions. This will help you in the future, as well as TA’s who may be assisting you.
  3. View Restrictions: This establishes when this View goes into effect. The best choice is to click Now, so that it’s always in effect. You may also choose a later date.
  4. IP Restriction: At this time, Vanderbilt is unable to provide IP restrictions. Our IPs are specific to campus, but not from one classroom/building to the next.
  5. Limited Duration: You may prefer that students only see these results for a few minutes. If so, you would designate that here. If left blank, students may view their results indefinitely.
  6. View Details: Click Yes or No if you’d like Brightspace to Show Questions to the students after the quiz. If you choose Yes – decide which questions to show. A good option is Show All Questions With User Responses. This will show the question and the student’s response. Checking the box Show Question Answers will show the correct response.
  7. At the bottom, you must indicate if you’d like students to see their score, the class average, and the grade distribution. Click Save.