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Preparation for Taking a Quiz in Brightspace

At some point during your time at Vanderbilt, you will likely be taking a quiz or exam in Brightspace. In this guide we will cover four topics that are important for students to know. Please take the time to read through each topic as you prepare for your quiz.

Note: The Brightspace system refers to all online tests as “quizzes”, regardless of whether it is a quiz, test, midterm, exam, or other type of assessment. All of these are found within the Quizzes tool.


Updated Spring 2020
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Preparing Your Computer

  1. Use your own laptop. We recommend that you take a Brightspace quiz on your own laptop (unless your class is in a computer lab environment). 
  2. Charge up. Make sure your device is charged and plugged in. If you have a low battery, you run the risk of disconnecting during the quiz. This can create problems with your quiz submission.
  3. Check your connection. Double check that you are connected to the correct network to avoid any network interruption during your quiz.

The Respondus Lockdown Browser

Find out ahead of time if your professor plans to implement the Respondus Lockdown Browser. This is a feature that will lock up your laptop’s capabilities during the quiz. You will be unable to view websites, take screenshots, access a calculator, or use any other tools on your computer during the course of the quiz.

If your professor plans to use Respondus, be sure to have it downloaded before the quiz begins. We suggest doing this at least a day before the quiz.

Here is a link to the instructions on how to download Respondus.

Note: It is possible for an instructor to grant access to specific websites or a calculator during the quiz if they wish.

Save as You Go 

Every time you answer a question in a Brightspace quiz it should autosave. You can still change a saved answer before you Submit your quiz. Checkmarks and the word “saved” will appear when the your answer has been auto-saved:

Submitting Your Quiz

When you are finished and have saved all of your answers, you will Submit your quiz. Be sure that the confirmation page has fully loaded after clicking Submit. Once you see this page, your quiz has been submitted and you are safe to exit Brightspace.