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How do I associate my quiz to my grade book?

You can associate your quiz to your gradebook by creating a Grade Item with the same name. You can create the Grade Item ahead of time in your gradebook by following these instructions, or you can create the grade item while you are creating your quiz (below).


1) Get into Quiz edit mode. Do this by going to Activities & Assessments -> Quizzes -> and then clicking on the dropdown icon next to your quiz. Select Edit.


2) Now that you are in Quiz edit mode, click on the Assessment tab. Here you can 1) Allow automatic grading, 2) Link to a Grade Item, and 3) Automatically export the grades to the gradebook.

You can add a grading Rubric on this page. You can also determine how many quiz Attempts are allowed, and which attempt should be saved.

If you need to create a grade item, click on [add grade item]. Your grade item should have the same name as your quiz, or something very similar. You can enter information about the grade item at this point, or you can edit it at a later time. Click Save to close the window.

3) When you have made all your grading selections, click Save and Close.