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How do I add Respondus Monitor to the Lock Down Browser?

Vanderbilt has a very small number of seats available for Respondus Monitor, Respondus’s video proctoring tool. As such, this tool likely will not be available for most courses. If you would like to use Respondus Monitor, we encourage you to reach out to our team at

Respondus Monitor

You can add Respondus Monitor for the exam. This videos each student as they take the exam. They are prompted to show the room before beginning the exam, and the videos are saved and uploaded for your viewing pleasure after the exams are completed (this takes awhile—at least 12 hours). The tools has an AI-assisted flagging process that prompts you to view potentially problematic videos.

If you use this tool, we strongly encourage you to set up a dummy quiz for students to take before the real exam so that you and they can test out the technology. We do not encourage you to use this tool in a large class. Although it is very powerful, there is also significant probability of technical problems.