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Getting Started with Perusall

Perusall is a social annotation tool that links with the readings you may have for a particular course. Perusall will automatically score each comment or question in the system as below expectations, meets expectations, or exceeds expectations. Your instructor will set how many points each category will be worth and provide you with general guidelines about how scoring for Perusall will work with the particular course that you may use it in.  

Using Perusall, you will be able to both write insightful commentary on course readings and interact with your classmates regarding the reading (by upvoting their comments, for example). Using Perusall with course readings has been linked to better retention and comprehension of course material, and may make up a significant portion of your grade, so it is best to thoughtfully engage with this tool. Your score and grade will be determined by a proprietary algorithm developed by Perusall. This link here explains how annotation quality, which plays into your score, is calculated.

Perusall will be managed and supported by the company themselves, so if you need assistance with this tool you can contact them by submitting a request.