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Getting Started with GoReact

The online video feedback tool GoReact

Why would I use GoReact?

You can create a video assignment and then have students upload or record video submissions. You and/or peers can then leave time-coded text, video, or audio feedback. Assignments can be graded using points or customizable rubrics. GoReact also shows reports that allow you to track student progress.

This tool is useful for when you need to give feedback on student presentations, practice teaching demos, or any other performance-based skill.

It’s important to note that GoReact is not a teleconferencing tool. Consider using Zoom when you need to hold synchronous class meetings or Kaltura when you need to create, store, and deliver video content. Below are some links to get you started with those tools.


How do I create a GoReact assignment in my Brightspace course?

When using this Brightspace integration, your courses cannot be set up on both and in Brightspace. These are separate platforms, which means courses, videos, and students  are not interchangeable between them. To create or access any Brightspace course content, you and your students must log in directly through Brightspace.  Do not create anything on

To begin using GoReact in your Brightspace course:

  1. Request a Vanderbilt GoReact Account by sending an email to Brightspace.
  2. After you receive an email confirmation when your account is activated, log into the Brightspace course in which you’d like to add a GoReact assignment.
  3. Follow these steps  to add a GoReact assignment to your Brightspace course.
  4. To learn more about all the assignment types and features within GoReact, visit the GoReact instructor guides.

Are there any training opportunities?

Yes! The GoReact team are offering the following webinars to help train instructors on how to use GoReact.

Where do I go when I get stuck?


Trouble shooting and product support for GoReact is provided by the vendor. Instructors can contact GoReact via email or phone at 801-717-3499 (Choose option 2). GoReact typically responds to email requests in less than an hour during business hours and chats are answered within a few minutes or less when available.

View faculty support hours and options on the GoReact support web page.


Share this GoReact Fast Track one page tips sheet to help your students get started with GoReact.

Students can contact us via email or chat – but not phone.

View student support options on the GoReact student support web page.

Online Resource from GoReact

In addition, there are many step-by-step guides and videos to help you when you have questions about using the product. here are a few to help you get up and running.