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VUPrint Stations

VUPrint, Vanderbilt’s pay-for-print service, is designed to provide convenient, cost-effective and sustainable public access printing to students, faculty, staff and eligible guests at a variety of locations across campus.

Go to VUPrint Website to download the driver for the printers. Upon downloading a Windows and/or Apple printer driver package, users with a VUnetID can also initiate a print job from their computer by choosing a printer queue (location), entering their VUnetID and password, approving the charges displayed and, finally, picking the job up from the selected printer.

The VUPrint Station in Sarratt is located on the first floor by the elevator. The station in Alumni Hall is located at the information desk on the main floor.

Any questions or problems please see the Sarratt Student Center|Rand Hall or Alumni Hall Information Desk.