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The name "Dinner and a Draft" appears in a ribbon-like shape the spans the middle of a spoon, fork, and pen, which is substituted for a knife, to emphasize that this event series combines a meal with a focus on writing.Dinner and a Draft

Dinner and a Draft is an opportunity for students to hear faculty talk about their writing and writing processes over a delicious dinner.


A fountain pen spills blue ink across a yellow and red background, featuring the text "Undergraduate Writing Symposium, Celebrating phenomenal undergraduate writing for over a decade!"  Undergraduate Writing Symposium

The Undergraduate Writing Symposium is an annual celebration of excellent writing by Vanderbilt undergraduate students.


The words "On Writing" appear spanning the upper portion of a simple red square on a white background.On Writing

On Writing is a series of conversations with faculty and other advanced writers at Vanderbilt about their writing practices. Conversations examine writers’ eccentricities and the ways in which a given writer generates ideas, cultivates a style, and responds to various writing situations.

On Writing events are free and open to the public.

The words "Dissertations Writers' Retreat Series" appear on a gold-colored rectangle in the upper half of this image, while the bottom half features a field of purple flowers with the sun on the horizon in the distance. The two halves are divided by a bar containing words describing the event series: "Productivity, Community, Perspective, Support."Dissertation Writers’ Retreat series

The Writing Studio’s dissertation writers’ retreats provide dissertating graduate students with time to work individually in a quiet, collegial atmosphere. We couple ample writing time with optional, one-on-one consultations and daily workshops meant to focus writers on their argumentation, chapter structure, and daily writing goals. We hold an annual week-long retreat during the summer and mini-retreats during fall and spring breaks.