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Get to Know the Writing Studio: Undergraduate Edition

Consultation Sessions

Writing consultants work with students on any piece of writing, from course assignments to extracurricular projects.

The focus of a consultation session varies according to the individual writer and project; for example, consultant and writer may discuss strategies for clarifying and developing a thesis, or they might talk about issues regarding organization and word choice. Because we encourage students to understand writing as a process, we work with writers at any stage, from brainstorming to revision. A writing consultation provides students with opportunities for thinking critically and responsibly about the choices they make as writers.

Writing consultations sometimes refer writers to their course instructors for further clarification and discussion of an assignment and may even help writers formulate the questions they would like to pose to their instructors. Although consultants do not engage in discussions about grades, they do facilitate sessions in a conversational style, asking carefully crafted questions that encourage writers to reflect on their ideas and expression.

Students may make their own appointments by logging into our online scheduling system at

Once there, just look for the “Schedule an Appointment” button! During fall 2020, all appointments are being held as synchronous online consultations.

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