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Argumentation Incorporating Sources
How Do I Write a Thesis Statement Connecting Research to Your Writing
Refining Thesis Statements Effective Quotes, Paraphrases, and Summaries
How Do I Write a Compare-Contrast Essay? Formulating Your Research Question
Identifying and Evaluating Arguments Hints for Finding Sources
Identifying Illogical Arguments Introducing and Contextualizing Evidence
They Say, I Say Moving from Description to Analysis
Quotation Grammar, Punctuation, and Style
Discipline-Specific Structuring Your Research Paper
Active and Close Reading Strategies
Application Essays Word & Sentence Level
Creative Writing Tips Apostrophe Trouble
General Structure of a Research Paper Clarifying Long, Complicated Sentences
How (and why) do I write in literary present tense? Dealing with Tricky Words
Poetry Q&A Eliminating Unnecessary Words
Questions to Ask When Writing Fiction and Poetry Passive and Active Voice
Scientific Research Reports and Proposals Proofreading Tips
Show, Don’t Tell Semi-colons
Taking Good Notes in the Field Transitions
Writing in a Foreign Language What is a Comma Splice?
Writing a Lab Report
Writing a Philosophy Paper Vanderbilt Library Handouts
Personal Statements APA Citation Style Basic Rules
General Tips APA Citation Style Quick Guide
Academic Voice APA Citation Style Reference Citations in Text
Analysis and Elaboration APA Top 10 List
Avoiding Gender-Biased Language Evaluating Web Sites
Conclusions Selecting the Right Resource
Finding Focus Search Strategy Worksheet
Questions to Ask When Revising a Paper
Talking with Your Professor
Understanding Your Assignment
Writing Anxiety


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