University Concert Band


University Concert Band (UCB) provides an inclusive venue for non-majors to participate in a band ensemble, foster their talents, and cultivate a sense of community within and beyond the Vanderbilt campus through music. We invite you to join our band family! 

UCB rehearses once a week in the Music Rehearsal Hall (MRH) located on Vanderbilt's campus at 124 28th Ave S in Nashville. We perform one concert per semester for the Vanderbilt community under the direction of Dr. Doug Morin. We perform a variety of works ranging from traditional band literature to music from popular culture. Our recent performances include works by Julie Giroux, Eric Whitacre, Samuel Hazo, and Alfred Reed.

UCB also has a chamber program which provides our band members with more opportunities to perform on campus and represent UCB in various performing arts showcases. In the Spring, UCB hosts Chamberfest, a concert featuring the many chamber groups on campus.

Our sense of community and fellowship within the band is equally as important as a quality musical experience. UCB hosts various social events throughout the semester to foster a musical family. In the past, these have included big/little, holiday parties, and lock-ins.

For more information, follow us on Instagram at @VandyUCB and Facebook at University Concert Band.

If you have any questions, please contact

COVID-19 UPDATE: UCB looks a little bit different due to the nature of the pandemic. As soon as wind players can safely play together, we will begin chamber groups. Until then, we have partnered with W.O. Smith Music School to give UCB members the chance to pass on the gift of music education to the next generation of musicians. We also have percussion ensembles: one for those with experience and one for wind players who would like to learn. To foster community, we host town halls as well as various social events such as a big/little tournament over Zoom. If you are interested in being a part of any of the above opportunities, please email us!