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Spirit of Gold, Mellophones
  • How can I get tickets to games?

    Football Games

    Tickets to football games are available through Vanderbilt Athletics. For reference, the Spirit of Gold Marching Band sits in first 25-30 rows of section Q. *For the 2023 season, the Spirit of Gold will be seated in section R.

    Basketball Games

    Tickets to basketball games are available through Vanderbilt Athletics. For reference, the Anchor of Sound Basketball Band and Dore Slam sit in section G.

  • When does the band rehearse?


    Rehearsals are held three times a week:

    • Tuesday 4:30pm-6:30pm
    • Thursday 4:30pm-6:30pm
    • Friday 5:30pm-7:30pm

    An additional rehearsal is held on Saturday mornings the day of home football games (exact timing varies depending on kickoff time). Check out our entire Game Day schedule here!

    Practices are held at either McGugin Athletic Fields, the indoor field house in the Student Recreation Center, or on Dudley Field at FirstBank Stadium.

    While these rehearsals are closed to the public, band members may request a guest be allowed to attend rehearsal by contacting Dr. Morin or Clark Hubbard.


    The Anchor of Sound holds 3-4 rehearsals prior to the start of basketball season each semester. These rehearsals are approximately 60-90 minutes in duration.
    While the Anchor of Sound plays at every home basketball game (Men's and Women's), students in the Anchor of Sound are divided into the "Black Band" and "Gold Band" (making the schedule much more manageable). Each band performs at roughly the same number of Men's and Women's Basketball games.


    Dore Slam holds 3-4 rehearsals prior to the start of basketball season in the fall semester and holds 3-5 more rehearsals throughout the spring semester.

  • How can I find out the Spirit of Gold's gameday schedule?

    The Game Day schedule for the Spirit of Gold Marching Band will be posted on all of our social media accounts (@VandyBands on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter) several days prior to each football game.

    While things may change week-to-week, our typical Game Day schedule is as follows...

    • Game Day Rehearsal • (FirstBank Stadium) *not open to the public*
    • Parade Block • approx. 90 minutes before kickoff
    • Vandyville Performances • (Vandyville) approx. 80 minutes before kickoff
    • Pep Rally & Star Walk • (near Star Walk) approx. 55 minutes before kickoff
    • Pre-Game Performance • (FirstBank Stadium) approx. 18 minutes before kickoff
    • Halftime Performance • (FirstBank Stadium) halftime

    In general, kickoff times are not released until 2 weeks before a game - check our social media for specific times of each event.

  • Does the band provide instruments?

    We provide piccolos, alto saxophones, tenor saxophones, baritone saxophones, trumpets, mellophones, trombones, baritones/euphoniums, sousaphones, percussion, and guard equipment that students can borrow for the season.

  • Is course credit available for band?

    Not at this time.

  • How much does band cost?

    Members get paid to be a part of the Vanderbilt Athletic Bands!

    Spirit Of Gold

    While there is an inital nominal fee to join the Spirit of Gold Marching Band (which covers uniform cleaning, t-shirt, band banquet, and some social events) students receive a Service Award at the end of the season (during the '22-'23 academic year, students received $750). 

    Additional items for purchase include extra gloves, black marching band shoes, and maintenance of your personal instrument. All other uniform items and travel costs (hotels, meals, etc.) are provided free to all members. Additionally, food is provided to band members during band camp and prior to all home football games.

    Anchor Of Sound

    There is no fee to join the Anchor of Sound Basketball Band. Contracted members receive a Service Award for the season (during the '22-'23 academic year, students received $400)! Non-contracted members receive a Service Award per game based on availability. Additionally, all travel costs (hotels, meals, etc.) when traveling to SEC and post-season tournaments are provided free to all traveling members.

  • Is financial aid available for the band?

    While there is not a scholarship, all members receive a Service Award at the end of the season.

    Our Service Awards have no impact on any outside scholarships or financial aid your student might receive.

  • Does the band go to every game?

    Spirit Of Gold

    The Spirit of Gold Marching Band performs at every home football game and typically travels to at least one away game each season (we will generally travel to the Tennessee game if the game is held in Knoxville).

    The Spirit of Gold will also travel to any post-season bowl games.

    Anchor Of Sound

    The Anchor of Sound Basketball Band performs at every home basketball game (Men's & Women's) and travels to both the Men's and Women's Basketball Southeastern Conference Tournaments. The Anchor of Sound will also travel to post-season tournaments (such as the NCAA Tournament and the NIT).

    Dore Slam

    The Dore Slam Drumline performs at many home basketball games (Men's & Women's) but does not travel at this time.

  • How do I get photos of my student in band?

    The Vanderbilt Athletic Bands have a few volunteer photographers that attend games throughout the season.

    Links to photo galleries are available on our "PHOTOS" page.

  • How can I watch the Spirit of Gold's halftime shows?

    If you are unable to watch our halftime performances in-person, the halftime performances of all SEC marching bands are currently being live-streamed via ESPN+.

    *note: These performances are on a separate stream than the actual stream of the football game.