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AmericasBarometer 2018/19

On this page are the 2018/19 reports that LAPOP has published, as well as presentations from dissemination events. If you are interested in working with the data from the AmericasBarometer, please see the page Data Access for options.

Quick Links to 2018/19 Country Studies and Presentations
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About the AmericasBarometer 2018/19 round of surveys

The 2018/19 AmericasBarometer represents the 8th round of this project. Fieldwork for the latest round of the AmericasBarometer began in late 2018 and continued into the summer of 2019. At this time, 20 countries are included in the round. The full dataset for this round includes over 31,050 interviews, conducted across urban and rural settings and implemented with the assistance of partners and fieldwork organizations across the Americas. Common core modules and standardized techniques allow for comparison across individuals, between certain sub-national regions within countries, across countries, and over time. All of the data are available for free world wide access in SPSS and STATA along with the questionnaires for each country (the core module is standard for all countries, but in each country country-specific items were asked) and technical information. Subscribers receive additional merged files, Stata codes and technical support. 

2018/19 Regional Reports

2018/19 AmericasBarometer Regional Report: LAPOP's AmericasBarometer takes the Pulse of Democracy - (Appendix)

2018/19 Regional Mid-Fieldwork Preliminary Report:  The Political Culture of Democracy in the Americas: First Glance at Topline Results

2018/19 Statistical Compendium - PDF  

Background Information

Please note: 2018/19 AmericasBarometer Technical Information  

Dominican Republic

Cultura política de la democracia en la República Dominicana y en las Américas, 2018/19: Tomándole el pulso a la democracia

Executive Summary (En español)


Preliminary Presentation

El Salvador

Preliminary Presentation 


Preliminary Presentation 


Preliminary Presentation 


Preliminary Presentation  


Preliminary Presentation