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Vanderbilt Undergraduate Summer Research Program

students working in the field

The Vanderbilt Undergraduate Summer Research Program (VUSRP) provides Vanderbilt undergraduate students with the opportunity to fulfill 10 weeks of full-time research during the summer under the mentorship of any full-time Vanderbilt University faculty member, including faculty in the graduate and professional schools. VUSRP strongly prioritizes research that our Vanderbilt students do with Vanderbilt faculty. In-person research and mentoring is favored, though with adequate justification, virtual research and mentoring will be considered.

Participants will fulfill their research on campus or in another research and/or field setting. The goal of VUSRP is to encourage and enhance student-faculty mentoring and joint research and discovery efforts.

The acceptance rate for the 2023 summer cohort was 43%. 102 students out of 235 applications were supported this summer through VUSRP.

Sincere thanks to our sponsors who contribute to this impactful summer experience for Vanderbilt undergraduates.

Program Highlights

Applications for Summer 2025 will open in November 2024.

  • VUSRP is a 10-week program that allows students to closely work with any full-time Vanderbilt faculty member.
  • The main component of the program is the scholarly work done by the Vanderbilt undergraduate student (VUSRP student) in collaboration with their faculty mentor.
  • VUSRP involves highly collaborative, full-time work.
    • Participants will engage in research with a VU faculty mentor on campus or in another research and/or field setting.
    • Participants are not permitted to take courses during the program.
    • Participants are expected to give top priority to the VUSRP research during the ten-weeks dedicated to the program.

Student Support

  • A $6000 stipend is awarded.
  • Stipends are intended to cover necessities and room and board.


  • Students who accept VUSRP stipends are required to:
    • submit their VUSRP plans as an immersive experience on the Immersion portal.
    • attend a spring workshop to review program logistics.
    • complete 10 weeks of full-time research on campus or in another research and/or field setting with their faculty mentor over the summer
    • participate in a roundtable presentation toward the end of the 10-week period.
    • present at the fall or spring Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Fair. Poster printing costs for those who present at the Undergraduate Research Fair are covered by the Office of the Provost. Specific instructions for how to submit posters to be paid will be shared with students after they are awarded VUSRP or upon registration for the fair. Not following the instructions may result in your poster not being paid for through this fund.
  • No courses can be taken that overlap with the ten-weeks of research.
  • Students who accept VUSRP funding are encouraged to use the experience to satisfy their Immersion Vanderbilt requirement and must declare their VUSRP as an immersive experience in the Immersion Vanderbilt portal.
  • Vanderbilt faculty may support no more than two applicants per cohort.
  • Successful applications are the result of intentional and detailed research plans between a student and a faculty mentor. Students who are considering multiple research opportunities at the same time are strongly encouraged to discuss this with their potential mentors. Students will be awarded only one stipend per summer.

Resources and Events

Students and faculty mentors in the summer 2024 cohort will be able to access the secure portal here in April 2024.