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Immersion Vanderbilt

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3-27-2019  - Photos of Library Fellows Presentations & Exhibit Opening on the 2nd floor of the Main Library (Vanderbilt University / Steve Green)

Immersion Vanderbilt Tagged Classes

Tagged classes can be used to complete part or all of Immersion Vanderbilt.

Immersion: Experiential

These classes provide students with hands on, active learning opportunities where the student learns through the acts of doing and reflection. Courses that include direct or indirect community or civic engagement or methodological training for research or production are examples. 

Honors 1820W: Professor Ramey 
Buttrick Hall 344
Professor/Student interaction, photos of professor instructing with and without students, photos of students interacting with each other

Photos by: Susan Urmy

Immersion: Culminating

These classes offer students the opportunity to integrate and apply their learning to the creation of a culminating project. Projects may include but are not limited to poster presentations, blogs, academic papers, artistic pieces, prototypes, podcasts, etc. 

Immersion: Exp. or Culm. (Instructor guidance)

The instructor determines whether the student is completing the experiential component, culminating component, or both.