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Who is eligible to participate in VUSRP?

  • Vanderbilt students enrolled in undergraduate degree programs when the application closes are eligible to apply.
  • Full consideration will be given to students who have at least a 3.0 GPA. In recent practice, awards have typically gone to students with GPAs of 3.2 or above.
  • Applicants must be able to engage in 10-weeks of highly collaborative, full-time research during the summer.
    • Participants will engage in research with a VU faculty mentor on campus or in another research and/or field setting.
    • Participants are not permitted to take courses during the program.
  • The official dates of the program generally coincide with Vanderbilt's full summer session. Shifting participation dates in the program up to a week from the official dates is often not a problem, as long as the student discusses deviations with their faculty mentor. Arrangements should be made to ensure that VUSRP students engage in 10-weeks of full-time research over the course of the summer (e.g, by starting the program early or ending late).
  • Substantial deviations (more than one week) from the official dates must be approved in writing by a student’s faculty mentor and sent to Students should also discuss substantial deviations in their application.
  • Although the program is primarily for rising juniors and seniors, applications from other students will be considered. Graduating seniors are not eligible.
  • Research for VUSRP is not restricted to work within a student's major area of study. Projects from students with faculty mentors in different departments and schools are supported.
  • Vanderbilt faculty may advise no more than two applications per competition.
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