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Immersion Vanderbilt Forms

Student forms for Immersion Vanderbilt:

  • Independent Experience Form
    • Necessary for students completing an independent experience for their Immersion Vanderbilt, it will detail the type of immersive experience the student is completing (i.e. an internship, research, independent study abroad opportunity, or community/civic engagement work).
  • Experience Self-Reflection Form
    • Optional, this form will help to provide space for reflection prompts for students completing independent experiences. Students receiving certain funds for Immersion Vanderbilt may be required to complete and submit this form.
  • Project Plan Proposal
    • Necessary for all students except those in pre-approved majors, minors and programs of study, this form provides information detailing the plan to complete the culminating project for Immersion Vanderbilt and requires the approval of the student's faculty adviser.
  • Immersion Vanderbilt Culminating Project Submission
    • Necessary for all undergraduate students, regardless of enrollment in pre-approved majors, minors and programs of study, undergraduate students will submit their culminating projects to their faculty advisers for their review. Once complete, this concludes the Immersion Vanderbilt requirement.