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All About Immersion

Immersion Vanderbilt is two key parts:

  1. Immersive Experiences: real-world experiences; hands-on learning
  2. Culminating Project: what you create informed by your immersive experience(s)
Student is filming a spoken word video project as part of the Immersion Vanderbilt experience.

Getting Started

Do you already have an idea you are eager to explore, or could you use some help brainstorming? Either way, let's talk about it! Start your Immersion Vanderbilt journey by scheduling an appointment with the Office of Experiential Learning and Immersion Vanderbilt.

Part One: The Immersive Experience

There are 6 immersive experience pathways:

  • Research with a faculty member
  • Study Abroad
  • Community and Civic Engagement
  • Internships
  • Leadership and Professional Development
  • Innovation, Arts and Design

You may complete immersive experiences as part of an approved major, minor, program, or through passing a tagged class. You may also design an independent experience with support from a faculty or staff mentor. Students may pursue multiple immersive experiences during their academic career.

Part Two: Culminating Project

Culminating projects take many forms. Here are just a few:

  • Presentation (e.g., conference, research fair, Immersion showcase)
  • Artwork, installation, or exhibit
  • Media project (e.g., podcast, website, film, recording, etc.)
  • Musical composition
  • Live performance (e.g., theatre, musical, dance, etc.)
  • Portfolio (can involve multiple formats and products)
  • Creative writing


Like immersive experiences, culminating projects can be completed as part of an approved major, minor, program, or passing a tagged course. You may also design an independent project with support from a faculty adviser. 

Culminating Project Submission

Once your culminating project is complete, submit it through the Immersion Portal. Your Immersion Vanderbilt adviser will review your submission and mark the requirement as complete.

The title you have given your culminating project and your primary immersive experience pathway will be added to your transcript. 

Pre-Approved Programs

Academic Programs:

  • Departmental Honors - College of Arts and Science
  • Departmental Honors - Peabody College
  • HOD Capstone - Peabody College
  • Student Teaching - Peabody College
  • DTL Ed Studies - Peabody College
  • Senior Design Project - School of Engineering
  • Senior Honors Program in Musicology/Ethnomusicology - Blair School of Music
  • Senior Recital - Blair School of Music
  • Naval Science Leadership
  • AROTC: Military Science & Leadership

Additional A&S Programs:

  • African American and Diaspora Studies Majors (Senior Thesis)
  • American Studies Majors (Senior Project)
  • American Studies Minors (Research Methods Workshop)
  • Anthropology Majors (Capstone Course)
  • Art Majors (Senior Art Show)
  • Requirements for the Minor in Art
  • Biochemistry and Chemical Biology Majors (Advanced Laboratory Course)
  • Chemistry Majors (Advanced Laboratory Course)
  • Cinema and Media Arts Majors (Senior Seminar Project)
  • Economics and History Interdisciplinary Majors (Capstone Course)
  • Minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies (Capstone Course)
  • Gender and Sexuality Studies Majors and Minors (Senior Seminar)
  • History Majors (Capstone Course)
  • Latino and Latina Studies Majors (Capstone Course)
  • Law, History and Society Majors (Capstone Course)
  • Neuroscience Majors (Research Courses