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What is Immersion Vanderbilt?

Your Immersion Vanderbilt experience is all about you. What sparks your curiosity? What are you passionate about? What do you want to experience, create, and share during your time as a Vanderbilt student? Immersive experiences are as creative and unique as the students who pursue them.

Immersion Vanderbilt is a degree requirement for all Vanderbilt undergraduate students.

Immersion Vanderbilt consists of two key parts:

    1. Immersive Experience: real-world experience; hands-on learning
    2. Culminating Project: what you create based on your immersive experience

How do I get started?

Do you already have an idea you are eager to explore, or could you use some help brainstorming? Either way, let's talk about it! Start your Immersion Vanderbilt journey by scheduling an appointment with the Office of Experiential Learning and Immersion Vanderbilt.

What are the steps?

During your first year at Vanderbilt, take some time to brainstorm, then start the planning process during your second year. The final, culminating piece for Immersion Vanderbilt must be submitted no later than the student’s last semester at Vanderbilt.  *Note: You are not required to wait until your second year to submit your Immersive Experience Declaration Form.

Milestone 1 – The Immersive Experience Declaration Form

Before you start your immersive experience, you will submit the Immersive Experience Declaration FormStudents may submit multiple immersive experience forms throughout their time at Vanderbilt University.  

Milestone 2 – Experience Self-Reflection Form  

As you finish your immersive experience, you will complete the Experience Self-Reflection Form.

Milestone 3 – Post-Experience Goals and Project Completion Plan 

On this form, you will formalize your concept for your final, culminating project and list your Immersion Vanderbilt faculty adviser.   

Milestone 4 – Immersion Vanderbilt: Final Project Submission 

Be sure you complete this form before or during your last semester at Vanderbilt and through the Immersion Portal. Then, your Immersion Vanderbilt adviser will review your final project and mark your requirement as complete. This hits your Immersion Vanderbilt final milestone, and adds the title you have given your Immersion Vanderbilt to your transcript.