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Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Vanderbilt University Public Safety (VUPS)

111 28th Avenue S.

Emergency – 911 or (615) 421-1911

Non-emergency – (615) 322-2745

Victim services – (615) 322-7846

Lost and found – (615) 343-5371


Walking Escort Service – VUPS provides walking escorts for students, faculty, and staff walking to and from any location on campus. The telephone number to call for a walking escort is 615-322-2745.

Emergency Phones – Phones are conveniently located throughout the campus. They are easily recognizable by the blue light atop the pole which houses the emergency phone.  Each phone has an emergency button that, when pressed, automatically dials the VUPS Communications Center. An open line on any emergency phone will activate a priority response from an officer. An officer will be sent to check on the user of the phone, even if nothing is communicated to the dispatcher.

Operation ID – Operation ID encourages students to document and label their personal possessions such as bikes, computers, and other electronics. VUPS provides stickers to help identify the items. The information should be kept by the student for quick reference. Students may register their bicycles and laptop computers online at

AlertVU – AlertVU rapidly sends messages to all Vanderbilt email accounts and delivery points that the user has chosen—cell phone (voice and /or text), landline, and additional email accounts—in the event of an emergency that poses an imminent threat or danger to the Vanderbilt community. Examples of such a threat include a tornado forecasted to strike Vanderbilt or an active aggressor on campus. Users may enter additional phone numbers by which they wish to receive voice or text alerts.

VandySafe Mobile App – VandySafe is a mobile safety application for iOS and Android smartphones. Users of VandySafe can contact VUPD for emergency or non-emergency services.

Users of VandySafe can:

  • Contact VUPD via phone call or real-time chat
  • Submit an iReport
    • Include either a photo or video
  • Trigger a mobile BlueLight, which shares your location instantly with VUPD
  • Request a Virtual Walk home
    • VUPD Dispatch can monitor your walk home, to your car or office
  • Share your location with a friend
  • Explore support resources, such as Facilities and Project Safe
  • View emergency guides
  • Visit for more information on VandySafe.

*VandySafe users must enable push notifications through the app to receive these messages.