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I-9 & E-Verify At Vanderbilt

The I-9 Process

All employees hired on or after November 7, 1986, whether US residents or foreign nationals, must complete a Form I-9 and provide documents to show that they are eligible for employment in the United States on or before their first day of employment. The I-9 must be completed by the new employee and verified by a Human Resources representative at the Human Resources office located on the 10th floor of Baker Building,110 21st Avenue South. The HR I-9 representative can be reached at  Additional information about this process can be found at the  Vanderbilt University's I-9 homepage .

The E-Verify Process

Vanderbilt University is an E-Verify employer. As an E-Verify employer, Vanderbilt participates in the federal government's E-Verify program. When a new employee completes an I-9, information provided on the I-9 form is sent to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and/or the Social Security Administration (SSA) for verification. Please note that employees hired on or before November 6, 1986 and employees who have federal security clearance are exempt from the E-Verify process.

Special Information for F-1 International Students on Optional Practical Training (OPT)

As Vanderbilt is an E-Verify employer, F-1 students with OPT who have received a degree in a STEM field, are entitled to the STEM-OPT extension. F-1 students who qualify for the 17-month OPT extension should note that Vanderbilt's Company Identification Number is 29832 and the Client Company ID number is 1480059. The best way to enter these numbers on the I-765 is to write "29832 & 1480059. If you are filing the I-765 STEM-OPT online you must add three zeros to each number: 00029832 & 0001480059. Should you have questions about the STEM-OPT extension, please contact your DSO and visit our Employees Working Under OPT or STEM-OPT page. This page has more detailed information with regards to the STEM-OPT extension process.


For additional information, please go to Vanderbilt University's I-9 homepage.