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Hidden Gems

The Division of Administration (DofA) staff are doing extraordinary things both at Vanderbilt and outside of work. Did you know a past staff member was the Tennessee state checkers champion for 39 straight years? And that another past staff  member played for the New York Black Yankees? We have also had several university Commodore Award winners from our division.  Through the website, divisional newsletter and at various events throughout the year, leadership would like to draw attention to the people who are doing great things - the "Hidden Gems" of our community.  The goal is to share our staff's talents and efforts, and get to know one another as well.

"Hidden Gems" of DofA will be announced throughout the year utilizing various communications outlets.  You can read about all the DofA "Hidden Gems" here.



Hidden Gems of DofA

The MythBusters

The MythBusters

Did you see the Vanderbilt “V” water feature at the past three PARK(ing) Day events?  What about the “egg” chair at the Central Neighborhood pop-up last spring? Or the anchor-shaped hammock stand located at The Ingram Commons? What about the Magnolia leaf storm water feature that was displayed at PARK(ing) Day last month, which will have a permanent home at newly designed Fleming Yard? Vanderbilt’s “MythBusters,” a group of staff from the Plant Operations team, created all of these unique features on campus.

The “MythBusters” include Tim Baker, Antonio Belsito, Alan Hall, Mike Hiland, Ryan Lemons and Ricky Thomason. While their day-to-day duties are in the Power Plant, this group uses their spare time to create unique features that tie directly to FutureVU principles and are a key piece of enhancing community spaces on campus.

“The first thing you notice with this group is the deliberate and thoughtful manner in which they approach their work,” a colleague recently remarked to me. “Then you see the great care and craftsmanship they invest in everything they do. They are amazingly collaborative, quiet, humble and confident. We refer to them as the ‘MythBusters’ because just like the hosts of the Discovery Channel show, there does not seem to be anything they cannot build or any project they won’t undertake.”

Tim, Antonio, Alan, Mike, Ryan and Ricky are exceptional people with an admirable devotion to the university who truly embody the Division of Administration’s values.