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Meet our Leaders

Executive Staff Directory


Eric Kopstain
Vice Chancellor for Administration

In his role as the Vice Chancellor for Administration, Eric is responsible for facilities (including campus planning & construction, plant operations, real estate, and sustainability and environmental management), equal employment opportunity, title IX, student access services, public safety (including police, parking services and emergency preparedness), human capital and business services (including human capital, campus dining, card services, bookstore, printing services, mail services, credit card compliance, child and family centers), and contract and grant accounting.


Jamie Bojarski
Director, Student Access Services


Jamie coordinates University services and resources for students with various disabilities and medical conditions through the interactive process pursuant to the ADAA of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  Jamie also provides outreach and training to increase awareness of disability related issues to University faculty, staff and students. 


Erin Hafkenschiel
Executive Director, Mobility


Erin oversees mobility and transportation efforts at Vanderbilt, providing strategic leadership in mobility planning and policy development while managing a comprehensive transportation demand management plan for the university.



Laura Nairon
(interim) Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Capital and Business Services

Laura is responsible for a variety of departments that support Vanderbilt University’s academic mission through service to students, faculty, staff and campus visitors, including: compensation and talent, benefits, learning & organizational development, HR consulting, HR information systems, payroll, employee immigration services, child and family centers, campus dining, card services, printing services, mail services & campus copy, Barnes and Noble bookstore at VU, and credit card compliance.


Mike Perez
Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Facilities Officer

Mike oversees oversees the planning, program management and implementation of best practices for all aspects of campus facilities and grounds operations, maintenance, utilities and construction as well as real estate initiatives.  He leads a workforce of 450 staff members responsible for the physical campus, which encompasses 10.8 million total square feet of space, including 7.2 million square feet of buildings, 333 acres of land, 2.1 million square feet of real estate property, 1.8 million feet of garages, a combined heat and power plant and comprehensive underground utility infrastructure, and the design and construction of capital projects.


Stephanie Roth
(interim) Associate Vice Chancellor

As Associate Vice Chancellor, Stephanie provides strategic leadership, support, and guidance to the Equal Employment Opportunity office and the Title IX and Student Discrimination office.  These offices are responsible for coordinating and monitoring Vanderbilt's compliance with the requirements of federal and state non-discrimination laws, ensuring the prompt and equitable resolution of reports of sexual misconduct, other forms of discrimination and harassment, and retaliation, and establishing training and outreach initiatives that support a discrimination- and harassment-free learning, working, and living environment.  Stephanie also currently serves as Vanderbilt’s Title IX Coordinator. 

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Leigh Shoup  
Chief of Staff, Division of Administration

Leigh serves as Chief of Staff to the Vice Chancellor for Administration. In this role, she wears many hats, including but not limited to overseeing the management of the Vice Chancellor’s office, and coordinating special projects and assignments related to the division’s and Vice Chancellor’s key initiatives. She also serves as a project manager for many of the division's key initiatives.


Cathy Snyder
Director, Contract & Grant Accounting (Costing Activities)

Cathy is responsible for the cost accounting activities at Vanderbilt University. She oversees the development of the facilities and administrative (F&A) and fringe benefit rates and negotiates with the federal government on behalf of the institution. Cathy also has oversight of service centers and asset management for university central, facilities and administrative (F&A) rate calculations for specialized service facilities, the Medicare Cost Report and various other business income activities.


Michelle Vazin
Director, Contract & Grant Accounting (Grants Management)

Michelle is responsible for the management, accounting, and reporting of sponsored projects as well as restricted gifts and endowments for University Central. Her area is also responsible for the coordination and oversight of sponsored project audits including the institution's annual Office of Management and Budget (OMB) A-133 audit. She is actively involved in writing, implementing, and monitoring the institution's policies and procedures as they relate to sponsored projects and compliance.


August Washington
Associate Vice Chancellor for Public Safety

August is responsible for the Vanderbilt University Public Safety Department, which provides comprehensive law enforcement and security services to all components of Vanderbilt University, including the University campus, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and the various University-owned facilities throughout the Davidson County area.  The department manages several additional functions beyond the precincts, including Special Operations and Dignitary Protection; the Office of Emergency Preparedness, Fire and Workplace Safety; and Parking Services and Law Enforcement Systems.