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H-1B Status

The H-1B visa is for temporary employment in specialty occupations. This category is regulated by both the United States Citizenship & Immigration Service (USCIS) and the Department of Labor (DOL). The H-1B category has the following key requirements:

  1. The position must require theoretical and practical application of a highly specialized body of knowledge demonstrated by the minimum requirement of a Bachelor's degree.  
  2. The applicant must have a minimum of a Bachelor's degree or its equivalent related to the field the job they are offered is in. Note: If the applicant’s degree was attained at an institution outside the US it must be submitted for evaluation. 
  3. Vanderbilt's Office of Immigration Services must file the H-1B petition; prospective employees cannot obtain H-1B visas on their own.

Overview of H-1B Status

LCA (Labor Condition Application) 

Responsibilities for Department and Employees

Suggested Guidelines for Sponsorship 

H-1B or J-1?

Premium Processing


Export Control

Case Initiation Request for University Employees