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Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) Direct Link

In the event you have been injured or exposed to hazardous materials or equipment in a research laboratory, please do the following:

  1. Proceed to the closest sink and/or eyewash and immediately flush with water for 15 minutes to remove hazardous contaminants per lab safety response procedures.
  2. Immediately access medical treatment if needed by visiting Occupational Health or the Student Health Center if open and the VUMC Emergency Department if they are closed or the injury/exposure is serious.
  3. Notify Vanderbilt by reporting information about your situation here, clicking on “Occurrence Reporting”, and then choosing “Event Location” and “Research Lab”. A tutorial on how to complete the occurrence report is available here. You will be able to upload pictures or videos as well as details of what happened.
  4. If you are a researcher but not an enrolled VU student or employed by VU, consult this link regarding your options for post-exposure/post-injury medical care.

Contact the Environmental Health and Safety Department