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Two VISE affiliates named 2019 NSF Graduate Fellows

Apr. 22, 2019—Two biomedical engineering graduate students who participate in the Vanderbilt Institute for Surgery and Engineering have received three-year fellowships from the National Science Foundation. The prestigious awards aim to identify individuals who will contribute significantly to scientific innovation and teaching. Sarah Goodale, a VISE affiliate in the Chang Lab, said she is extremely honored to...

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Brett Byram talks to UPI about his new National Science Foundation grant

May. 21, 2018—Ultrasound helmet to help scientists image the brain, tap into neural networks

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Brett Byram leads team to develop ultrasound technology for the brain that could mean real-time images during surgery

May. 8, 2018—Ultrasound technology for the brain could mean real-time images during surgery, a better idea of which areas get stimulated by certain feelings or actions and, ultimately, an effective way for people to control software and robotics by thinking about it.

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Brett Byram receives NSF career development award

Apr. 12, 2018—Brett Byram, assistant professor of biomedical engineering, has received a National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development grant. The five-year, $549,995 grant – Ultrasound Brain-Computer Interface – begins May 1, 2018. The award funds the development of a next-generation ultrasound device to enable real-time ultrasonic visualization, without the use of contrast agents, of brain perfusion...

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