Wond'ry Staff

Wond'ry team photo

Director's Office

  • David A. Owens

    David A. Owens

    Evans Family Executive Director

  • Yesi Sevilla

    Yesi Sevilla

    Director, Strategic Engagement & Ecosystem Development

  • Lindsey Moloney

    Lindsey Moloney

    Director of Operations

  • Tonya Brown

    Tonya Brown

    Administrative Officer

  • Lauren Carnahan

    Lauren Carnahan

    Communications Strategist

  • Kelsey Driscoll

    Kelsey Driscoll

    Program Coordinator, Strategic Projects

  • Carrie Owen

    Carrie Owen

    Student Experience Program Coordinator

  • Michael Dodson

    Michael Dodson

    Administrative Coordinator

Making and Design

  • Kevin Galloway

    Kevin Galloway

    Director of Making

  • Garrett Thorne

    Garrett Thorne

    Makerspace Manager

  • Anupam Kumar

    Anupam Kumar

    Electrical Specialist

  • Ole Molvig

    Ole Molvig

    Emerging Tech Lab Faculty Mentor

  • Alexandra Sargent Capps

    Alexandra Sargent Capps

    Fiber Arts Build Lab Director

  • Kendra Oliver

    Kendra Oliver

    ArtLab Director


  • Charleson Bell

    Charleson Bell

    Director of Entrepreneurship and Biomedical Innovation

  • Deanna Meador

    Deanna Meador

    Lead Instructor, Mid-South I-Corps Hub

  • Stryker Warren

    Stryker Warren

    Associate Director of Venture Development

  • Dr. Mark Hilton

    Dr. Mark Hilton

    Program Manager, Entrepreneurship

  • Kyle Caruso

    Kyle Caruso

    Program Coordinator, Entrepreneurship & Innovation

  • Destane Garrett

    Destane Garrett

    Program Coordinator, Biomedical Innovation

  • Cameron Russ

    Cameron Russ

    Program Coordinator, Biomedical Entrepreneurship

  • Alexa Papanikolaou

    Alexa Papanikolaou

    Mid-South Hub Coordinator

  • Mubarak Ganiyu

    Mubarak Ganiyu

    Mid-South Hub Analyst

  • Chuan Wang

    Chuan Wang

    Mid-South Hub Post-Doctoral Scholar

  • Shannon Ware

    Shannon Ware

    Lead Regional Instructor

  • Melody Jennings Bowers

    Melody Jennings Bowers

    Regional Instructor and Data Collection Strategy Consultant

Innovation and Design Strategy

  • Mandy Lalrindiki

    Mandy Lalrindiki

    Assistant Director, Innovation and Design Strategy

  • Cecilio Ponce

    Cecilio Ponce

    Program Manager, Innovation and Design Strategy

Social Innovation

  • Jaclyn Mothupi

    Jaclyn Mothupi

    Director of Social Innovation

  • Jackie Hansom

    Jackie Hansom

    Program Manager, Social Innovation

  • Dan Drogosh

    Dan Drogosh

    Program Coordinator, Social Innovation

  • Sarah Saeed

    Sarah Saeed

    Program Manager, Climate Innovation