Overview of the Wond'ry

  • We Serve:

    Students, Staff, Faculty, Alumni, other Universities, and the Community

  • Our Goal:

    Creating a diverse and inclusive Innovation ecosystem, where ideas can be explored and brought to life

  • Fostering:

    Collaborations Across Disparate Knowledge Domains in order to tap into the most creative potential

Wond'ry Practice Areas

Practice Areas
  • Making & Design: Fosters idea realization for everyone—from students to start-ups—through hands-on learning, offering a team of experts for workshops and personalized support.

  • Entrepreneurship: Assists entrepreneurs with programs, mentoring, and microgrants, guiding them from idea inception to evidence-based business model development

  • Innovation & Design Strategy: Provides community members with proven techniques for generating effective solutions to drive positive change in teams, organizations, and society

  • Social Innovation: Equips emerging social changemakers with equity-centered design and systems thinking skills to address social and environmental issues by fostering collaboration and innovative solutions

Annual Report

  • $68M

    Funding Received by Wond'ry Ventures

  • 81

    New Ventures by Program Graduates

  • 150+

    Active Mentors

  • 70+

    Events Hosted in 2022

  • 85

    Microgrants Given

To discover the full scope of the Wond'ry's remarkable achievements and groundbreaking advancements, we invite you to delve into our comprehensive Annual Report. This detailed document showcases a year of exceptional progress, highlighting our innovative projects, collaborative efforts, and the significant milestones we have achieved. Gain insights into our strategic initiatives and be inspired by the stories of transformation and success that define our journey. The Annual Report is more than just a summary; it's a testament to our dedication to excellence and a preview of the exciting future we are building. View it below to be part of our continuing story of innovation and impact.

Creating an Innovation Ecosystem

To support creative dexterity across the region, we don’t take direct responsibility for innovating. Rather, and more importantly, we take responsibility for identifying and removing barriers that stop innovation.

David Owens Dr. David Owens
Evans Family Executive Director of the Wond'ry

Events at the Wond'ry

Event Photo
Event Photo
Event photo

At the Wond'ry, each event actively celebrates the principles of diversity, inclusion, innovation, and community engagement. Our gatherings are designed to foster a culture of openness and mutual respect. We are dedicated to creating spaces where every voice is heard and valued, where innovative thoughts are nurtured, and where the bonds of community are strengthened. Our events are more than just meetings or seminars; they are dynamic platforms for collaboration, learning, and growth. By participating, you join a movement committed to shaping a more inclusive, creative, and connected world. Join us at the Wond'ry, where every event is a step towards a brighter, more diverse future.

Our Team

Staff photo

We are an extraordinarily diverse and dynamic staff, with a wealth of experience across a multitude of areas, united by our enthusiasm to serve others. Our team is a mosaic of unique backgrounds, perspectives, and skills, each contributing to our knowledge and expertise. Our diverse experiences enable us to approach challenges with creativity and innovation. 

How to Find Us

The Wond'ry

The Wond’ry is located at 2414 Highland Avenue, Suite 102, Nashville, TN 37212, inside the Engineering and Science Building. This address leads to our south entrance.

Our north entrance on Garland Avenue has a street-side loading/unloading space for temporary parking.

Guest pay parking is available on the first floor of the nearby 25th Avenue Staff Garage, or street parking is available along Garland Avenue and 24th Avenue South.

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