The Wond’ry provides tools to innovate and collaborate, making involvement in various challenges and opportunities throughout the year possible.


The Wond'ry hosts a diverse array of year-round programs, spanning from entrepreneurship to social innovation, creating an inclusive and accessible environment for all. Click here to learn more about our Programs. 


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the Wond'ry Genius Bar

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the Wond’ry Genius Bar:

The Wond’ry is home to the Vanderbilt Genius Bar during the Spring and Fall semesters.

This collaboration was developed to assist the Wond’ry’s student innovators, Ideator and Builder entrepreneurs and Makers developing innovations.


VUIT: Tues. 12 PM-4 PM

Technical Writing Collective: Wed. 3:30-5:00 PM

2nd Floor, Makerspaces

If you have any questions for VUIT, you can also contact or call 615-936-8530.

Digital Tools and Media

Fundamentals of Innovation

Take our self-paced Fundamentals of Innovation Course, with David A. Owens. This exciting new course offered by the Wond’ry is designed to empower any individual with the knowledge and skills needed to drive innovation and make a positive impact. Whether you’re interested in design thinking, entrepreneurship, product design, or just want to learn how to think more creatively, this self-paced, free-of-charge course has everything you need to succeed. Start exploring the world of innovation today! To get enrolled, you can click here. 

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