Virtual ArtLab Studio

The ArtLab program emerged from a desire to better understand the intersection between art, sciences, and communication. We have become an epicenter for design, visual science communication, and science outreach through innovative and engaging exhibits that showcase top biomedical researchers’ latest findings through art. Through primarily online programming, partnerships, and projects ArtLab supports the Wond’ry ecosystem through design and making.

Art Lab Studio Logo

ArtLab Mission

  • Support and promote STEM students and scientists who are interested in pursuing creative outlets
  • Generate resources that support art and science intersection
  • Engage in informal education focused on building interactions between general and research communities
  • Humanize the sciences and scientists

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Director and Founder

Kendra H. Oliver, Ph.D

  • Assistant Professor | Department of Pharmacology | Basic Sciences | SoM
  • Senior Lecturer | Communication of Science and Technology | College of A&S


Get Involved

To get involved and join the ArtLab Slack channel, please email Kendra Oliver at

Partnered Projects:

Nested Knowledge Gallery

Nested Knowledge Exhibit

Race is a concept that transcends disciplines, a shadow that has touched everything from data collection to public health policies. Exposing, discussing, and amending practice and applying science is inherently a multidisciplinary process. Our collaboration is inspired by efforts across the academy to support and amplify the Black Lives Matter movement and seeks to engage young scholars in multidisciplinary pedagogy on matters of scientific truth, the construction of race, and current manifestations of institutional racism in STEM. Through the lenses of art, art history, the history of science, and science communication, this project explores the nested nature of race and scientific knowledge. 

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Molecular Muse Exhibit

Molecular Muse

Artwork created by visionary undergraduate artists from Vanderbilt and other universities is on display at the Vanderbilt Fine Arts Gallery in Cohen Memorial Hall and embedded throughout biomedical research spaces on campus. The exhibit, Molecular Muse, represents the past four years of the Vanderbilt Institute for Infection, Immunology and Inflammation Artist-in-Residence program. The show is open through Nov. 17, 2023. 

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