Quantum Design Studio

The Wond’ry Quantum Studio (TWQS) at Vanderbilt University is an organization that seeks to stimulate the growth of quantum talent in the state of Tennessee. Launched in August 2022, this avant-garde project aims to integrate high-impact learning methods, industry insights, and real-world quantum opportunities to nurture a diverse, competent quantum workforce. It underscores the principles of inclusivity and collaboration, which play a pivotal role in establishing a thriving quantum ecosystem.

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Program Information

Quantum computing is currently experiencing a breakthrough as it is becoming applicable in sectors such as chemistry, finance, machine learning et al. Although the quantum industry keeps growing faster daily, there is a shortage of quantum talent in the world. The Wond’ry seeks to address this shortage problem by launching its own quantum studio.

  • About the Course

    Throughout the eight-month journey divided into four cycles (from Sept. 2023 to April 2024), students will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of quantum computing, understand the current technologies and trends from leading companies in the field, and work on advanced projects in a final industry-based learning cycle.

  • Dates, Stipends, Formats

    The Wond’ry Quantum course is an eight-month program, divided into three course cycles and one industrial-based learning cycle stipends will be provided to those who complete all four cycles.

    Cycle (1): September to October 2023
    Cycle (2): November 2023
    Cycle (3): January to February 2024
    Industrial-Based Learning Cycle (4): March to April 2024

    Please note: The course will be hybrid in format. Students are encouraged to come to The Wond’ry for better engagement.

  • Application Process

    The application deadline is September 10, 2023.

    Click here to register.

  • Expectations

    The workload for this program is expected to be a maximum of 5 hours a week (including class time).

  • Learn More

    Contact Studio Leads Serat Mahmud Saad or Anish Giri with any program specific inquiries at serat.m.saad@vanderbilt.edu or anish.giri@vanderbilt.edu.

Quantum Team

  • Mubarak Ganiyu

    Mubarak Ganiyu

    Quantum Studio Primary Lead

  • Anish Giri

    Anish Giri

    Quantum Studio Co-Lead

  • Serat Mahmud Saad

    Serat Mahmud Saad

    Quantum Studio Co-Lead

  • Manda Li

    Manda Li

    Quantum Fellow: Research

  • Subha Mostafiz

    Subha Mostafiz

    Quantum Fellow: Events

  • David Nizovsky

    David Nizovsky

    Quantum Fellow: Workshops


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