50 Ideas to Solutions

Staff at the event

“This event gets to the heart of all that we do at the Wond’ry to provide the expertise, insights and tools for solutions to critical problems—be they on our campus or across the globe,”

David A Owens, Evans Family Executive Director of the Wond’ry David A Owens, Evans Family Executive Director of the Wond’ry
In honor of Vanderbilt’s Sesquicentennial and inspired by the university’s “Dare to Grow” motto, “50 Ideas, 50 Solutions in 50 Days” was created by the Office of the Chancellor and the Wond’ry, Vanderbilt’s Innovation Center. Staff were introduced to the design thinking process by David A. Owens, Evans Family Executive Director of the Wond’ry, and led through a series of steps that would allow them to ideate and create potential solutions with one another. Chancellor Daniel Diermeier and his office also stopped into each session, to hear from Vanderbilt staff, and to provide feedback into their topics and solutions. Below were the 50 chosen ideas.
50 Ideas to Solutions

50 Chosen Ideas:

  1. Active Shooter Preparedness
  2. AED Training
  3. VTS Sense of Belonging
  4. Connecting Campus Veterans
  5. Maximizing PTO Usage
  6. Employee Recognition Strategy
  7. Improved Onboarding
  8. Employee Appreciation Training for Managers
  9. Event Management Platform
  10.  One Project Management Tool
  11.  Cross-Campus Adoption of One Drive
  12.  ChatGPT for Administrative Tasks
  13.  Recruiting from a more Diverse Talent Pool
  14.  Equitable Contracting of Non-VU Individuals
  15.  Subsidized Art/Music Lessons for Staff
  16.  Staff Sabbatical
  17.  Rotational Opportunities for Staff
  18.  Professional Development Pathways
  19.  Purchasing Guidebook
  20.  Shared Policy Guidebook
  21.  Equitable Parking Fees
  22.  Improved Strategy for Incentivizing Sustainable Commute
  23.  Enhancing/Extending Bus Route Access
  24.  Parking Re-Imagined
  25.  Pedestrian Pathways
  26.  Safer Intersections
  27.  Campus Accessibility Maps/Signage
  28.  Promoting a Culture of Staff Innovation at Vanderbilt
  29.  Equitable Travel Reimbursement
  30.  Equitable PTO Practices for all Faiths
  31.  Revised Employee Perks/Discounts
  32.  Helpful Onboarding Database for Staff
  33.  All Staff Digital Registry
  34.  EV Charging Solar Panels in Parking Garages
  35.  Shared Research Collaborators Repository
  36.  Why is Vanderbilt a Great Place to Work?
  37.  Extending the Life Cycle of AV Equipment
  38.  Clothing Donation Program
  39.  Campus Tours for Staff
  40.  Automate Public Safety Checks
  41.  Oracle Load Times
  42.  EA Resources Booklet
  43.  Update the Quick Facts Website
  44.  Tailgates and Season Ticket Holders
  45.  Massage Credits for Full Time Staff
  46.  Rec Center Access for Staff
  47.  Vanderbilt Venture Capital Fund
  48.  Creation of a Biomedical Fund
  49.  Conferences and Events at VU
  50.  Guidebook for Staff Tuition

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