Vanderbilt Connects

Vanderbilt Connects

Vanderbilt University connects technology and humanity. Innovation and imagination. Determination and distinction. Watch as Vanderbilt students, faculty and staff come together to show off some amazing connections.

Vanderbilt connects… data + discovery.

Have you or someone you know had a bad reaction to medicine? Ever wonder if chemicals in your dry cleaning or bathroom sprays are really safe? A team of Vanderbilt researchers is working on a radical new way to test drugs and toxins. It all starts with an organ on a chip!

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Vanderbilt connects… technology + humanity.

The Vanderbilt-designed Indego exoskeleton allows people paralyzed below the waist to stand up and walk. You can think of our exoskeleton as a Segway with legs. If the person wearing it leans forward, he moves forward. If he leans back and holds that position for a few seconds, he sits down.

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Vanderbilt connects… creativity + culture.

The Vanderbilt alma mater heard at every Commencement for more than a century celebrates the legacy and tradition of this honored university. But how do you make it cool? Nearly 100 Vanderbilt students put a fresh musical twist on Vanderbilt's alma mater,bringing multiple musical styles and cultures together in song.

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Vanderbilt connects… distinction + determination.

What inspires a Vanderbilt linebacker to become a nurse? Tristan Strong said it was the stories his mother shared about her job. He remembers the passion she showed for nursing. "She really loved her job. Seeing how passionate she was about her work influenced my career choice," he said.

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