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The Vanderbilt Honor System

Since the first classes began at Vanderbilt in 1875, the Honor System has served to strengthen the academic integrity of the university. Today, the university’s Honor System is led by eight student-run councils. Each council serves to uphold and protect the Honor Code and to educate members of the Vanderbilt community about the importance of academic integrity.

While the Undergraduate Honor Council is comprised of approximately 90 members representing all four undergraduate schools, each graduate and professional school houses its own graduate and/or professional student honor council. Each of these councils is responsible for adjudicating matters of academic dishonesty reported within their school or college.

Students, faculty and staff should report suspected Honor Code violations involving undergraduate students by using the Honor Code Incident Reporting Form. Incidents involving graduate and professional students should be reported to the respective honor council. Contact information for each of the graduate and professional honor councils is available here.

Statement of the Honor Code

Vanderbilt University students pursue all academic endeavors with integrity. They conduct themselves honorably, professionally, and respectfully in all realms of their studies in order to promote and secure an atmosphere of dignity and trust. The keystone of our honor system is self regulation, which requires cooperation and support from each member of the University community.