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Users of the LAPOP data sets should carefully read the corresponding reports and/or articles for details about the sample designs of these surveys. Each data set has a brief explanation included in it that can be found by opening the file in any version of SPSS 14 or higher and going to "utilities" and then to "file comments." These comments will help the user understand the nature of the sample weights, if any, and other relevant isssues.

The AmericasBarometer weighting scheme (en Español) applies to each year of the AmericasBarometer data. Users of the LAPOP data sets should carefully read the corresponding reports and/or articles for details of the sample designs of these surveys. Some of the samples are weighted, others are not. To obtain correct results for weighted data sets, the appropriate weight variable, normally called “WT,” must be applied in both SPSS or STATA. To see technical information including sample design information and core questionnaires, please go here.

Replication requests should refer to the LAPOP websites where the data can be downloaded.  Authors should provide syntax/code that allows for replication of their analyses.  Authors are not permitted to transfer LAPOP-obtained data sets to third parties, even journals, as that would violate the terms of the "click license."

To download data sets and questionnaires, click on the links shown or right-click on the file name and save it.

The Questionnaires and Technical Information documents are saved as .pdf files which can be opened with pdf reader software available for free online such as Adobe Acrobat Reader and Foxit Reader.

Also see: How to Cite the Data.

Tabulations of the databases:
Tabulations of AmericasBarometer data sets can be found at: Data Playground 

About data sets prior to 2004:
LAPOP is proud to make available a special collection of surveys, "The Seligson Political Culture Survey Archive," for free download.

Click here to go to the download page.