June 2011 Issue

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Flood, Sweat and Tears: One Year Later

Last year, only days after the floodwaters receded, House Organ published a special issue, “Flood, Sweat and Tears,” examining the 2010 Nashville Flood’s effect on Vanderbilt and its staff and faculty. In this issue, we returned to many of the people profiled in that issue one year ago to check in and ask how they...read more »

Giving patients a hand

The human hand has five digits, 27 bones, and a complicated system of nearly 80 tendons and muscles, and Peggy Haase and Skip Brown have spent the last 20 years caring for each and every one of them. Haase and Brown were the first occupational therapists at Vanderbilt University Medical Center to become certified hand...read more »

Cyril Stewart finds labor of love in Franklin Theatre

Cyril Stewart is a guy who appreciates old theaters. “My wife and I had our first date at the Belle Meade Theater,” he says, referring to the gone-but-still-lamented movie palace on Harding Road in Nashville. “She was 15, I was 16.” Later, when he was studying architecture at the University of Tennessee, he was involved...read more »