October 2011 Issue

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Lessons learned at the pool carry over into medical career

In college, Ashley Rowatt Karpinos, M.D., was an elite athlete, one of the best NCAA swimmers in the country. She says the dedication and work ethic she brought to the pool continues to serve her as she seeks an unorthodox combination of specialties in her medical career. Sure, the uniforms are different—a swimsuit, cap and...read more »

In his own terms

Last winter, terminally ill with cancer, homeless and unable to speak, 47-year-old Ken Goslin was moving quickly toward an end of life that could have been painful and lonely. But it didn’t turn out that way. Efforts by a team at VUMC, at first acting in their official capacities and later as Goslin’s friends, changed...read more »

House Organ story on spine surgery to be on “Grey’s Anatomy”

It has all the elements of great story—a patient near death, a huge risk of complications, and a young surgeon willing to risk it all—so it was no surprise when “Grey’s Anatomy” came knocking. The ABC medical drama found the House Organ article on Judy Kerns, an east Tennessee woman whose head had literally fallen...read more »