February 2012 Issue

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Pets of Vanderbilt, 2012

As always, hundred and hundreds of pictures were submitted by Vanderbilt staff and faculty for House Organ’s annual Pets of Vanderbilt feature, a Medical Center tradition. Finalists in the Dogs, Cats, and Group or Duo categories are published below, and be sure to click in the blue bars to vote in the 2012 pet poll, which allows readers to vote for their favorites, one vote per category—Dogs, Cats, and Groups or Duos.read more »

Search and rescue dogs fill valuable role

Dogs experience the world through their noses. With an average of 200 million scent receptors (compared to a 5 million in humans), dogs can pick up a scent from a mere handshake and follow trails that are years old.read more »

Big love

Walk into Scott Hoffman, M.D.’s office, and it’s clear you are in the domain of a dog lover. There are photographs of dogs framed and displayed on shelves, and hanging on the wall. There is other dog artwork: some drawings, a woodcarving, even a dog’s image rendered in copper. Hoffman has known the heights of...read more »