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The Future is all Around Us

A team of writers and reporters from VUMC News and Communications spoke to a selected group of Medical Center leaders about where they think the opportunities and challenges lie in the decade ahead, and the part that all of us play as we move ahead together.

The tradition continues

The first year of House Organ’s publication, 1982, featured a cover story about the Vanderbilt Hair Salon.

25 ways to make (or keep) your body the best it’s ever been

From advice about keeping sharp eyes and keen ears, to tips about how to eat well and fight stress, this issue of House Organ is dedicated to keeping the body you live in healthy.

Head to toe

Some basic body, health and wellness facts, including:
• How much blood is in the average body?
• Do blonds or redheads have more hair?
• Where is the thickest skin on the body?

The Vanderbilt Employee Experience

What’s it like to work at Vanderbilt? That question comes up a lot when people find out where you work. And we each have our own answer, of course. Great co-workers, of course. Being involved in things that matter, that’s important. Whatever any person’s job, everyone here is part of an organization devoted to some…

To the summit of Kilimanjaro, with Dad

Beth Ann Sastre, M.D., would never describe herself as an “adventure seeker,” but New Year’s Day found her at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, as the first sunrise of 2012 painted a brilliant orange across the horizon and all of Tanzania spread out below. Four days of grueling hiking through rain, wind and cold had brought…


OK, let’s just admit here at the beginning that some of these questions aren’t exactly frequently asked. But asking them (and answering them) here has a purpose. That purpose is about something that is sometimes called “institutional memory.” It’s that set of facts, tales and beliefs that defines any collection of people. The collective memory…

Chronology of Major Buildings at VUMC

And you may find yourself standing in the middle of a canyon of medical buildings stretching three city blocks, and you may ask yourself, “How did we get here?”
Vanderbilt University Medical Center moved to the main campus in 1925, and has been building ever since. A handy history of the major construction at VUMC since Medical Center North was new.

Who are these people?

Who was Rudolph Light? Or L.C. Langford, Kim Dayani or Bill Wilkerson? This is the place to learn the stories behind the names you see on the buildings around the Medical Center.

Pets of Vanderbilt, 2012

As always, hundred and hundreds of pictures were submitted by Vanderbilt staff and faculty for House Organ’s annual Pets of Vanderbilt feature, a Medical Center tradition.

Finalists in the Dogs, Cats, and Group or Duo categories are published below, and be sure to click in the blue bars to vote in the 2012 pet poll, which allows readers to vote for their favorites, one vote per category—Dogs, Cats, and Groups or Duos.