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Back home with the angels

Posted by on Tuesday, May 31, 2011 in June 2011.

Linda Stewart lived in a Madison residence hotel for two months and 10 days, after rising water forced her from her Old Hickory home.

The situation was made more challenging by the fact that she was joined at the hotel by her four dogs: Kobe the peekapoo, Summer the poodle mix, Niki the Pomeranian, and Sasha the schnauzer-Yorkie mix.

It was a long two months and 10 days.

But, Stewart reports, “My four angels are fine and coped quite well.”

She did OK, too. If fact, she said the flood may have been a blessing.

“[The experience] has made me an even more compassionate person, plus I saw first hand how wonderful people are when trouble hits.”

—Wayne Wood

Stewart and her four dogs were rescued from her Old Hickory front porch by boat, and are living at a local hotel

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