March 2011 Issue

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What does Vanderbilt Eat?

Some good news about Vanderbilt employees: * Most of us have breakfast most days. * We’re pretty good about not snacking too much. * And while a lot of us weigh more than we should, we’re better off than the state and the country. But then, there’s this: when it comes to eating five servings of fruits or vegetables a day, we’re worse than the U.S. average, and we’re worse than the Tennessee average. We’re terrible, in fact, with only 14 percent of us meeting that nutrition recommendation threshold. The United States and Tennessee averages are both around 23 more »

Your world… and welcome to it

Jamie Pope, dietitian, School of Nursing instructor, and New York Times bestselling author, shows how to shape your living environment to make changes you want to more »

Six tips for running the race of good nutrition

Marilyn Holmes, manager of Health Plus and a dietitian, gives ideas about how to change eating more »

20K every day

It’s 10 a.m. and Tom Christenbery has already logged 7,381 steps on his pedometer. He isn’t bragging. He has worked hard to shed 90 pounds and keep it off for the past five years. He thinks some of the things that have worked for him, can work for others, more »

I wanted to feel better

Holly Walsh is naturally a fitness inspiration to others with her “just do it” motto for exercise. A mention of her name in a room full of colleagues is accompanied by praise of how great she looks, how much weight she lost and kept off over time and admiration of her well-defined, toned arms. read more »

42 pounds, off for 21 years. And counting

Believe it or not, Paula McGown’s biggest health accomplishment isn’t that she lost 42 pounds in 1990. It’s that she’s kept it off for 21 more »