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What Principles Guide FutureVU?

What is FutureVU?

FutureVU embodies the university’s core values and holistic approach to Vanderbilt’s teaching, research and service mission, including the advancement of the university’s land resources and human capital in support of the Academic Strategic Plan.

In 2015, FutureVU began as a comprehensive land use planning effort, with the goal of ensuring the Vanderbilt University campus is designed and prepared at every level to support its students, faculty and staff, and to uphold the university’s mission and values.

While academic and student residential building projects on campus are driven by the Academic Strategic Plan, and the academic and research mission of the university, the FutureVU land use plan provides a consistent strategy and guiding principles necessary for the realization of all capital projects and changes to the built environment.

More recently, FutureVU, the overarching campus planning process, was expanded to be a more holistic model, developing the spaces on campus and investing in the initiatives that support the people who live, work and learn in them.

A Framework for the Future

FutureVU provides a framework for the future of Vanderbilt, while considering core themes such as inclusion and accessibility, sustainability, transportation and mobility, connectivity and community enhancement, engagement with surrounding communities, and preservation of the historic park-like setting. These themes are guided by values that directly relate to Vanderbilt’s core mission of teaching, research and discovery.


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