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Central Neighborhood

The re-imagination of the Central neighborhood, which currently houses Branscomb Quad, Student Life Center, E. Bronson Ingram Studio Arts Center, Engineering & Science Building, and the Central Plant, is a component of FutureVU that is critical to connecting the various neighborhoods on campus. Located at the geographic center of campus, the Central neighborhood is the crossroads between the north/south and east/west legs of the proposed Greenway network. The Greenway network will play a large role in linking this central area of campus to the rest of campus, all of which is within a ten-minute walk. In addition, given the location of the neighborhood, future plans will consider how to link various studies (residential college master plan, science and engineering capital planning study, A&S/historic core capital planning study, utilities and infrastructure) to form a cohesive and diverse fabric of spaces in the center of the Vanderbilt campus.


Advisory Committee

As a next step in the implementation of the university’s comprehensive land use plan, the university has retained an outside consulting firm to develop a set of future development scenarios and plans that would reestablish the central neighborhood as the central core of campus. The options developed for the neighborhood will take into consideration a number of other recent and on-going planning efforts and studies including the overarching land use plan, residential college master plan, science and engineering capital planning study and the A&S/historic core capital planning study. In addition, future plans for university facilities, utilities and infrastructure will be integrated. The advisory committee, made up of faculty and student representatives, will be tasked with providing input and feedback on concepts and development scenarios developed, and for soliciting input from others as needed. The committee will meet occasionally over the course of the 2019-20 academic year.


  • Molly Barth, assistant professor of flute;
  • Audrey Bowden, associate professor of biomedical engineering;
  • Phillip Franck, associate professor of theatre;
  • Julian Hillyer, associate professor of biological sciences;
  • Larry Isaac, Gertrude Conaway Vanderbilt Chair in the Humanities and professor of sociology;
  • Ethan Lee, professor of cell and developmental biology and professor of pharmacology;
  • Laura Novick, associate professor of psychology and human development;
  • Chuck Sanders, Aileen M. Lange and Annie Mary Lyle Chair in Cardiovascular Research and professor of biochemistry;
  • Daniel Work, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering;
  • Yesha Yadav, professor of law;
  • Callen DiGiovanni, undergraduate student;
  • Julianna Hernandez, undergraduate student;
  • Andrew Naclerio, graduate student;
  • Mario Rewers, graduate student.