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Core Values

OUR VISION: To be the BEST facilities department in the country by providing outstanding, innovative services to the community.

To accomplish our goal, the department strives to be efficient, effective and productive by utilizing every resource at our disposal to its greatest potential, and collectively following these core values:


 The mission of Facilities, and thus our daily goal, is to support and service the university.


Buildings and grounds (assets) are sometimes considered “customers without a voice.” Our role as stewards is to “speak for” and protect these assets.


Employees must develop a sense of supportive community within Facilities and that of the broader Vanderbilt University community.


Employees of Facilities should be seen not as followers by as leaders. As an integral innovative way to achieve our goals and support VU.


Facilities should measure and publish its efforts through the use of metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs), data and details. Taking this action will support our efforts of continual improvement and transparency.

The key thread of these values is the absolute knowledge that every employee in the Facilities department brings value to our institution. As we continue to move forward, Facilities at Vanderbilt will be recognized as department of inclusion that holistically supports, motivates and respects all of its employees.